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HUGE Trashy Summer Giveaway

When trying to think of ways to describe the magnitude of this giveaway, I immediately tossed the trendy but overused word 'epic' and looked for something different. Big wasn't big enough. F**king enormous would get me blocked, so I decided to go with a classic: HUGE. Or Frelling Huge. I can get away with that. How big is frelling huge? Take a look at the list of trashy prizes:



1 Signed copy Tell Me You Want Me
1 Signed copy Secret Storm
1 Signed copy Her Twisted Pleasures and Their Twisted Love
1 Signed copy The Devil Made Me Do It
2 Amelia James coffee mugs
2 Amelia James tote bags
6 Chocolate bars (3 each)
6 Chocolate bar & Bookmark set (1 each)

Monumental enough for you? That's 20 winners! (And since I'm running it the entire month of June, size matters. ;) )


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tell-me1 cover


AND... the epicness (sorry, had to be done) doesn't end there. My most popular erotic romance novel, Tell Me You Want Me is only 99 cents at Amazon and Barnes & Noble all month long! Now tell me that doesn't deserve a massive celebration!



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Have a trashy summer on me. ;)